Project Duration: 4 month

Role: Strategy, Design, Development, Marketing & Growth

Team: 2 people

Key skills: Strategy, UI/UX design, Development

We use Notion for basically everything, and were inspired by its vision. We wanted to push this even further, so we built customizable widgets for Notion. Here are some of the outcome after our launch:

  • #3 product of the day on PH with 800+ upvotes
  • 200,000+ users from all over the world, still growing
  • Featured in 6 newsletters, 2 Youtube videos
  • 224 tweeter followers, 434 facebook community members

I am no longer working on it. But building and launching a product with my partner Alex was an amazing experience. I am so happy and proud to see people loving what we built and sharing it around the web.

Design goals

I reached out to few Notion users asking why they use Notion. The feedback I got is that people love notion because it's ease of use and aesthetics.

I want Indify to feel like an extension of Notion so it creates familiarity. Therefore, my design goals are to make Indify minimal and intuitive.

Final design

Landing page


Add widget

Embed to Notion