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What my co-workers say about me

Yucen is devoted to his craft and takes in lots of sources of inspiration to make the best product possible. He's super creative on that front, and his sense of initiative and drive made it effortless to work with him. He is also never afraid to reach out to people and is great with building connections, even across language barriers. Working with him has been exciting and seamless. — Alex, my partner @ Indify
I enjoyed Yucen's industriousness, openness to new ideas, and his agreeableness. I found him to always be on the hunt for the latest knowledge, bringing that back to the team for implementation, and being a team player when the time came. Yucen has great synergies in his skill set. He has the technical knowledge of a developer to build pages, yet he also has the user research/product design knowledge to know what to build. Typically you don't see this and it was refreshing to work with Yucen as a result. — Patrick, my manager @ Nobul


Reimagining Onboarding

Growth Design

I redesigned the onboarding experience to help homebuyers matching with Real Estate agents. As the result, we 2x the signup rate and improved matching by 10%.


Widgets for Notion

Side Project

Indify lets you embed customizable widgets into Notion. We got #3 product of the day on product hunt and 1M+ users from all of the world.